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  Greenhills Pharmacy is owned and operated by Michael Semchism, BSc Pharm. (University of Toronto, 1982). Greenhills was opened in 1985 in Lambeth, Ont. It is an independent pharmacy with more than 12 staff members. Michael is married with two boys. He golfs as much as work allows and spends his vacations in Muskoka - canoeing, hiking and biking.
About Michael Semchism, Bsc. Phm. - Pharmacist / Owner
I am one of six children who grew up in London, Ont. My father opened and ran Ealing Pharmacy. This provided me with a job throughout my teen years and afforded me the opportunity to see firsthand the role of the community pharmacist. I watched as my father listened to customers' health concerns and offered assistance.
  I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy as well, and went to the University of Toronto to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Science.
  I graduated in 1982 and went to work for a large chain drug store, but never forgot my goal to open my own independent pharmacy like my father. By this time, my older brother was running my father’s store, so I knew that I would have to start from scratch, as my father did. With his help and advice, I opened Greenhills Pharmacy in Lambeth in November of 1985. Due to the amalgamation of small towns, Lambeth is now part of London.
  Greenhills has become very involved in the community of Lambeth, supporting soccer and hockey teams, and contributing to community endeavors such as Harvest Fest and the Splash Pad. I have been very fortunate to work in a vibrant, friendly and close-knit community and have formed lasting relationships with many of my customers.
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